About Ivan

Photo of Ivan Clark

Ivan Clark is a professional, mature and committed family man who has been working with and for the NHS for over 20 years and has firsthand knowledge of the pressure and problems you experience in general practice and secondary care. Ivan has over forty years experience delivering presentations to audiences large and small to help organisations and individuals attain targets and objectives that they find a struggle on their own.

Patients are the backbone of our work for without them we would all be unemployed, but they do cause unique pressures and demands and Ivan is well aware of the many situations that arise and have to be handled. Ivan has also delivered specialised counselling services for patients at two rural surgeries and individual coaching, mentoring and counselling for individual members of staff in hospitals and doctors surgeries.

People management skills come from Ivan's many years as a retail manager overseeing large and small teams of employees. He shares amusing anecdotes, real life experiences and his own successes and experiences in his unique, light hearted and relaxed manner creating an environment for learning and personal development.

Over the past few years Ivan has studied for and acquired professional qualification diplomas in the following subjects:

He also has certification from the ‘Institute for Supervision and Management’