NHS Conflict Resolution Training

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The purpose of this course is to protect NHS staff from physical harm.

As you may be aware the NHS has an initiative that states ‘All NHS Staff’ must hold a certificate certifying they have attended this course following a syllabus set by the ‘NHS Security & Counter Fraud Department’ and delivered by an NHS certified trainer.

Who must attend?

We are pleased to advise ‘RPS Surgery Training’ principle trainer Ivan Clark is certified by the NHS to deliver this course for you [Accreditation ref: CRT/FS/1055]

We follow the set syllabus and provide each delegate with a workbook [an NHS requirement]

The advantage of RPS Training delivering this program for you is we can train all your staff at the same time or in just two sessions [depending on circumstance] at your surgery premises, without the need to work at outside locations with strangers.

A certificate [NHS requirement] of course completion is presented to each delegate at the end of the program.