Away Days

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We have a selection of four themed programs for your staff away day:

  2. ‘BE HAPPY’ Working in General Practice
  3. ‘MOTIVATED’ For Peak Performance
  4. ‘GREAT COMMUNICATORS’ Build Great Teams

Why not add a new dimension to your team or staff away day this year, we have 4 different programs each with a whole range of indoor and outdoor activities to get your brain thinking, your chuckle muscles exercised and your staff working, thinking and having fun together.

We can offer you just a short session, a half or even a whole day range of activities, at your surgery or a location of your choice. This is not just an excuse for a jolly, the activities are centred around an educational theme so we learn and develop our skills as we have fun together.

Not only will your staff talk about and remember this session for a long time, they will be able use the principles for many years to come at work and in their personal lives.

We can use this session as a problem solving, idea generating activity to improve your business while working together in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Let the energy and excitement escape and discover new ways and ideas

Our selection of activities include: