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Subjects Available for Educational Training

We come to you – Presentations are delivered at your premises to enable all your staff to benefit for one reasonable cost.

All programs are designed for delivery as 55 minute lunchtime sessions.

Most can be extended to 2 hours for afternoon protected learning time training.

Each program can be tailored to address any unique or specific needs you may have.

Subjects Available:

The Professional Receptionist

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A back to basics look at the duties and responsibilities of all frontline staff.

Secure Clinical Governance and Confidentiality

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A must for all staff, this session serves as a timely reminder to all and enables protocols to be reviewed and procedures that may have slacked over the months and years to be tightened.

Equality And Diversity

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October 2010 saw the introduction of the 'Care Quality Commission' and the 'Equality Act 2010'. This program is an overview of the requirements in General Practice to ensure staff and patients are treated fairly and without discrimination.

Enhanced Telephone Skills

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This program has been planned with patient calls and the specific needs of a busy health centre in mind.

International Communication: Helping patients who speak limited English

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You will learn some simple and easy ways to understand these patients and help them to understand you. Essential skills to ensure quality of care regardless of their ethnic origin and command of the English language.

Communicating with patients who have learning difficulties and special needs

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This program will help your reception staff to assist patients with specialized needs, to have a basic level of understanding about how to effectively communicate with them. Learn different ways to communicate with the variety of patients who present.

Customer Care - Customer Focus

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With Q.U.O.F. patient survey forms being sent out on a quarterly basis now this subject has even greater significance. Understand how we can not only meet but exceed patient expectations and obtain satisfactory feedback from our patients.

Defusing Argumentative Patients

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Ascertain how to stop situations escalating out of control, how to set limits for unacceptable behavior and two simple techniques to get patients to calm down, listen and comply with your requests.

Customer Care - Customer First

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Learn how to deliver service that your patients will remember and appreciate to make you 'Simply the Best' and 'Better than All the Rest'

Medical Terminology Made Easy

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An easy strategy to unravel the complexities of medical language and make sense of those long and seemingly complicated words.

NHS Choices, Ensuring Positive Feedback

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Learn what it is patients want and remember and how we can use that to our advantage ensuring positive feedback. We look at ways to raise our standard of service from good to excellent.

Coping With Impatient Patients

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We explore ways to relieve the tension and cope with the ever increasing demands thrust upon us.

Busy and Bossy or Busy and Obliging

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Dispel the notion that doctors receptionists are bossy by learning how to deliver effectively the four essential things patients really want.

The Patient is Always Right

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You will be surprised to learn that being polite and serving your patients in a capable way is not enough nor is it acceptable. Surprised? Discover how you can derive personal contentment by raising the bar of customer satisfaction.

Personality Clashes

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A practice managers nightmare getting everyone to get along with each other, those telling looks, those cutting remarks cause tension and poor performance. You will find the magic ingredient for helping all to work harmoniously [most of the time]

Staff Motivation

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This is an injection of enthusiasm and commitment as we take a light hearted look at ourselves and find that inner loyalty and enthusiasm to give our best each and every day at work.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

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Serious disagreements and aggravation can lead to lost working days and strain on the staff rota and schedule. The earlier these situations can be addressed the sooner we can return to normality. This program looks at some interesting techniques to get people working smoothly together.

Remaining Calm at Work, Reducing Workplace Stress

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Staff will bring home stress to work and take work stress home, learn how to separate the two and inject a little calm into their life and work. You will learn a few stress reduction techniques during this presentation.

Teams and Team Working

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Gets staff working with each other not for each other, they will discover things about themselves and their work colleagues to help them work closer and better together, a great fun program for all staff including the doctors.

Assertive or Aggressive?

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You may have some lions and you may have some lambs working at the surgery, this program helps all to voice their opinions or deal with the patients in a way that is effective but does not compromise an individual's values and integrity.

Are Doctors Receptionists Trained to be R.U.D.E.?

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A program to ensure your staff do not get this reputation from your patients. See how to develop the R.U.D.E perception into one that is P.O.L.I.T.E.

General Practice and the Law & Chaperones

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Designed to protect the patients but also protect the health professionals from unwarranted allegations of misconduct. Learn who can be used as chaperones and what training they require. You may think you are adequately covered but are you sure?

Change Happens: some will, some won't, so what!?

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Staff often fear changes we realize what it is they fear and how to handle it. 3 ways to persist when others resist and identify and conquer the 3 enemies to successful change.

Appraisals That Work 4 You

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This program will help staff understand the real purpose of a performance appraisal, and provide them with a quick, easy and uncomplicated preparation schedule in advance. They can approach the actual meeting with an enthusiasm and commitment that will make for a productive and progressive meeting.

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